August 05, 2011

Dedication for all

Dedication for all the beauty :)

This is really a nice one.
Listen to the words
No... it is not enough of listening, yet it is more than that...
Take whatever you could grab. Indeed, it is a fact that we should realize.
Appreciate the beauty that been given to us by HIM .
We are all beauty.
Shine and glow in our own way...
So, there's no need to change of ourself just because others say, 'hey, you are not beauty enough'
Maybe the others may not know, surah At-Tiin:4 is the best answer for us all.

Just sharing this video as my eyes captured it coincidentally at the You Tube.
I am amazed, as the girl is only 16 but she are talking miles away from her exact age.
This is also a gift. A talent that been given by HIM. :)

note: Sungguh, Kami telah menciptakan manusia dalam bentuk yang sebaik-baiknya (At-Tiin:4)

p/s: Pejam celik sudah masuk Ramadhan hari ke-5. Selamat meneruskan puasa bersama, Insya-Allah.

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